Welcome, my name is Bruce Bull.
I am based in Melbourne, Australia, and have been enjoying the photography process for many years. I have used various cameras over the years, a trusty Canon T70, my beloved T90, Canon 7dMkII,  a Bronica, through to my current infrared converted 30D and a Sony a7RII.
Being an old film photographer, I have always gravitated towards Black & White images. I have taken this love of Black & White a little further with my Infrared images, giving them further appeal from your standard landscape or architecture image.
My talents don't stop at landscapes, or black and white images, as you will see when you browse through my galleries. I am very proficient in studio work, whether its portraits or still life. I am constantly learning and growing as a photographer. I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoy going out and taking them.
If you would like any of the following, please get in touch;
Portrait session - personal (paid and TFP) or corporate
Purchase any of my images
An assistant for a photo shoot
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